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This site has been around for many years in one form or another and it is a tribute to the Dogs we have owned whether living or passed on.

Recently I was getting a lot of spam sign on’s though so I have stopped this site being a membership site. I for one am fed up of visiting sites only to find you have to sign up to proceed. Well walkies has never been like that and all the pages have always been open to all so I can’t really see the point of a membership site. You can always contact me via the shoutbox or contact form for feedback if you want to and it is always good to hear other peoples comments.

Most recently The Walkies site had our 10 year old Labrador Ben as its central character/site caretaker. Sadly I recently lost my Ben and one day I may get over that, but I will always miss him. Just as I still miss all my previous dogs, Of course Ben is uppermost in my memory at the moment though.

Lilly is the new central character of this site and she is without realising it helping me to come to terms with the loss of Ben. You can read about her on her own page.

This site Is about the Dogs I have had the honour to be associated with over the years and my friends dogs as well.

Most of my dogs were Labradors, or Labrador crosses. And I dedicate this site to the memory of these much loved animals. Dutchess, Apollo, Tanith and Ebony, Ben and now of course Lilly. You will meet them on the pages of this site. Unfortunately I never had enough pictures of most of these Dogs as most of these dogs lives were pre-digital cameras and most shots are photos scanned in. Some of which are pretty poor quality, However there is nothing I can do about these images now. Tanith was always a bit camera Shy and she was very hard to get a good picture of. Ben on the other hand point a camera at him and he would pose 😀



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