Duchess and her son Apollo

Duchess was our first dog and we got her soon after we got our own house.

She came from Batersea Dogs home. I took a Friday afternoon off work and went to have a look at the dogs.

It was not a pretty site, all these perfectly good dogs booted out because people could be bothered to take responsibility for the cute puppy who grew into a bigger dog than they could cope with Duchess was the only dog that would bark at me all the others went very quiet hoping they would go home with you.

I however wanted a dog with a voice. And duchess had a deep bark, but eventually she backed off and went quieter. If she hadn’t I would have walked away from her.

But I brought her back to Kent were we were living at the time and she followed me around for a week or so and settled nicely in with us.

A Dog got into our back garden and the first we knew of it she came back in the house panting heavily, but we guessed what had happened and 9 weeks later she gave birth to 15 puppies. 4 of whom were adopted by a family whose dog only had one puppy, so they all survived

The other dog in the picture Apollo was one of her sons and we soon realised he would be staying with us.
Eventually  came home from work to discover Duchess out of it in her basket obviously she had had a fit or a stroke and we got her to the vet out of hours. I had been talking to her since I got home and she slowly came out of it.

The bad news was she had suffered brain damage and I didn’t want here to spend her remaining time as a vegetable and I wanted to remember her as the active dog she always was. So I stayed with her and spoke to her till the end.





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