Apollo on a steam train

We were in Devon on a holiday with Duchess and Apollo and we were staying in a caravan that backed onto the Dart Valley railway line.


Apollo was fascinated by the Steam engines puffing up the hill So we took him to the station during that holiday and when the locomotive came lumbering into the station for the first time he was a bit apprehensive an hid behind me, but soon his nose started twitching and he looked curiously at the Steam engine puffing slowly while at rest.


The rest as they say is history He loved steam trains and we always ended up travelling on a steam train when we were near a preserved railway. Diesel and electric trains he showed no interest in whatsoever. But Steam and the tail was wagging as he waited to board the train.

As he got older he began to have serious prostrate problems. and the vets bought him another 18 months with an operation.


When his Mum died he became quite grumpy and didn’t want to know about life.

Eventually Tanith arrived as a companion for him and he slowly came back to life. They became inseparable friends. but in the end we had to say goodbye to Apollo as well, as his prostrate problems returned with a vengeance and the vets could not do another operation.



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